Sign of latent anti-Semitism

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Why is the Associated Press so biased against Israel? Over the past few weeks, as the conflict instigated by Hamas raged, AP has shown numerous photos of the damage in Gaza. Remember the people of Gaza choose Hamas as their government! When you couple this with the considerable verbiage describing the number of people harmed in Gaza and virtually none on the damage in Israel, it is clear the AP has a significant negative bias towards the country of Israel. I think it is a sign of latent anti-Semitism.

Let’s review just who Hamas is and what they represent. Hamas has been classified by the United States and western European countries as a terrorist organization and we have a law forbidding any financial support for such organizations. Further, Hamas has sworn to destroy Israel and every Jew. The schools in Gaza teach their children Jews are like pigs and animals, and preach hatred toward not only Israel, but the United States. Hamas has had a history of attacking Israel and when they lose, attempt to paint Israel as the aggressor. Hamas is a political descendent of radical Muslim groups who supported the Nazis during World War II, and who were enthusiastic about the Holocaust which murdered millions of Jews. Clearly, Hamas is the enemy of civilization and supporting Hamas financially or politically is not only wrong, but insane.

If any newspaper had printed a story with pictures of grieving families of Japanese or Nazis in 1944 or 1945, that paper would have been assailed as traitors, if not physically attacked.

Despite the obvious insanity, AP, most newspapers and other media continue to write and print articles showing sympathy for those in Gaza. The people in Gaza deserve little, if any sympathy since they choose the criminal organization Hamas to represent them. The fools in our government are continuing to send money to Hamas and our Secretary of State John Careless and President Fundraiser continue to pressure Israel and ignore the Gaza strip villains.

Please explain to me how we got to this stage in our country where common sense in the media and in our government is absent?


Dennis Bosch
Hot Springs

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    • Michial Nunn on August 3, 2014 at 6:17 pm

    Unfortunately that is the opinion of many of our citizens. They just blindly support Israel no matter how vicious they may become. This idiot has written letters showing that his knowledge of economics is very poor, and he is not in favor of paying employees a decent wage. Typical Teabagger mentality.

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