So very proud of this superpatriot


Saint Thomas of CottonDear editor:

“Death to America!” This continues to be the chant from those evil, Islamic radicals in Iran. What is there about this message that all of you liberal sympathizers don’t understand? They are clearly saying that they want to kill all of us — including you! Yes! They also regard most of you liberals as their enemy — the infidels!

And these are the crazy people that we are trying to make a deal with? Don’t you realize that Islam teaches and encourages Muslims (in the Quran) to lie to us (the infidels)? Their word is worthless! They have a lengthy past history of lying and cheating.

This is about nuclear bombs, folks! Many of you liberals criticized Sen. Tom Cotton and 46 other Republican senators for signing a letter which let everyone know that Congress will no longer be ignored on this most critical matter. Shame on you for not appreciating that Sen. Cotton is trying to do everything in his power to protect all of us from this extreme danger!

I’m so very proud of this superpatriot, as well as those other 46 GOP senators! This is a real man and he shows real courage and true character.

So many of you misguided liberals seem so proud of the reckless, dangerous, radical Obama, who definitely seems to be much friendlier with our enemies than to our longtime allies! Obama has such a strong disdain for our old friend, Israel, and their great leader, Netanyahu — that he can’t even fake it anymore!

Remember back in 2012 that Obama met with the outgoing Russian president, Medvedev, and Obama didn’t realize the microphone was still on? Obama was heard to say: “‘This is my last election. After my election, I have more flexibility, particularly with missile defense.’ Obama was saying that he wants to give the Russians more concessions, especially on missile defense, but he didn’t want to have to defend such actions in an election year” (quotes from “Obama’s America” by Dinesh D’Souza; Pages 8, 9).

Can you imagine President Reagan ever making shady deals with the Russians like that? Or any of our other past presidents? How about the traditional Democrat, President John F. Kennedy? No way! He stood up to the Russian missile threat in Cuba!

And Obama is the president that you liberal folks are trusting to make a deal with the evil Iranian radicals! Surely you are living in fantasy-land! Obama comes out of the corrupt Chicago political background and has associated with many other radicals and communists!

Obama is easily the most extreme left-wing president (of any major party) in all of American history! He fools lots of people with his personality and charm, his lying and deceptions — even doing a comedy routine when needed.

Wake up people! This is dead serious. We’re dealing with Islamic terrorists who have vowed to kill us! Unfortunately, we have a president who has shown himself to be a Muslim sympathizer over and over again! (I wonder why?)

Pray for America’s and Israel’s safety.

Lloyd Hoffman
Hot Springs

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