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InkSpot-main_FullDear editor:

While listening to conservative talk radio commentator Mark Levin recently, he said this about Obama — “We have never had a president in the White House that hates Christians and Jews like Barack Obama does!” I personally couldn’t agree more with that statement.

But how could that be true? Doesn’t Obama say that he is a Christian? If he really is a Christian, shouldn’t he have been concerned enough to at least try to help the vast numbers of Christians persecuted by Islamic terrorists? Shouldn’t he have also been genuinely pro-Israel in his attitudes and actions? How strange!

Would a true Christian president have the reputation of being the most pro-abortion president in history? And why have conservative Christian organizations been the target of the IRS under this administration? Why has Obama favored the homosexual agenda while fighting against Christian churches that advocate what the Bible teaches on homosexuality? Does all of this sound like a real Christian?

Has it not also been proven time and time again publicly that Obama is a serial liar? Is this the behavior of a true Christian? I’m talking about habitual lying (habitually sinning)!

Here is what the Bible says about this — “We know that those who have become part of God’s family do not make a practice of sinning; for God’s Son holds them securely, and the evil one cannot get his hands on them. We know that we are children of God and that the world around us is under the power and control of Satan” (1 John 5:18, 19).

Listen to what the commentary has to say about this passage in the NIV Study Bible: “Christians commit sins, of course, but they ask God to forgive them and then they continue serving him. God has freed believers from their slavery to Satan and he keeps them safe from Satan’s continued attacks. The rest of the world does not have the Christian’s freedom to obey God. Unless they come to Christ in faith, they have no choice but to obey Satan. There is no middle ground; people either belong to God and obey him, or they live under Satan’s control.”

Some may say they are a Christian, but if they persist in practicing a sinful life with no sign of remorse, such a person needs to re-evaluate their life to see if their faith in Christ is genuine. They may be fooling themselves — self-deceived.

But what about a person who is deliberately pretending to be a Christian? Did you know that the Islamic Quran has a provision in it that allows Muslims to lie and deceive in order to achieve their evil purposes? By this, a Muslim could say they are a Christian when in fact they are not!

Does any major figure come to mind concerning this possibility? Has someone in power consistently favored and sympathized with the Islamic side, as well as all of our other enemies? Is there anyone in mind who is under Satan’s control to destroy this great nation originally established by our Christian forefathers? Have we been fooled?

Lloyd Hoffman
Hot Springs

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