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Dear editor:

Twenty-five years or so ago, we didn’t have a Muslim terrorist problem in this country because, frankly, we didn’t have hardly any Muslims here. I remember driving on the interstate past Perrysburg, Ohio, a suburb of Toledo, in the mid 1990s and seeing a large blue dome up ahead initially wondering what it was, but even though I had previously never seen one, I soon realized it was a mosque. I wondered, how did this happen?

To learn how it happened, you have to go back to the “Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965.” This was sponsored by Democrat Rep. Emanuel Celler and promoted by Sen. Ted Kennedy and then signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson.

I want to quote two excerpts from Wikipedia: “in order to convince the American people of the legislation’s merits, its proponents assured that passage would not influence America’s culture significantly” and “Sen. Ted Kennedy hastened to reassure the populace that the demographic mix would not be affected; these assertions would later prove to be grossly inaccurate.”

We have invited millions of Muslims into this country since Kennedy and LBJ lied to us. I know that they are not all terrorists, but it only takes a few and we just don’t know how many are radicalized. Could 9/11 with 3,000 Americans and others have been killed without the cooperation of the Democrats? It’s easier to pick a pigweed stalk out in a field of grass then in a field of pigweed. The Muslim terrorists would have stood out if not for the millions who had been invited in.

Yes, I believe the Democrats are complicit and are partly responsible for the deaths that have occurred by Muslim terrorists allowed into this country by them. These people were in fact sacrificed on the altar of diversity that the Democrats are always preaching we need more of. The 9/11 terrorists were already in the country planning those attacks before the end of the Clinton administration. We missed our best opportunity to catch them, especially the 11 who were on the CIA’s known terrorists watch list, while they were passing through customs. Why didn’t we? The Clinton administration had determined that to supply our INS officials with that information would be profiling. Inviting millions of Muslims and political correctness run amok, has led to the deaths of thousands of Americans in multiple attacks.

I didn’t vote for either one of them, but Trump is wrong and Jeb was right. President Bush did not have time to put any new programs into effect before 9/11, but if not for his actions after 9/11 to protect the American people, it could have been much worse.

Larry Bauer
Hot Springs Village

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