35 documented terrorist training camps


Jan MorganDear editor:

Stephanie, Dr. Sternberg’s position and mine havenothing to do with “hate” and everything to do with public safety. The last two terrorist attacks in America were committed by Muslims who trained at their local gun ranges. I refuse to train the next jihadist.

The Counter Terrorism Unit of the FBI sent a supervisor and special agent to meet with me almost two years ago to inform me that ISIS is in Arkansas, that they had targeted one of our soldiers’ sons and that I was also a target.

I was strongly urged by our own government to take every precaution necessary to protect myself and my family and to alert them of any suspicious people or behavior. This is why the federal government has left me alone regarding who I allow to handle lethal weapons in my own facility.

In addition, our own government agency, ATF, which regulates firearms-related businesses, directs all federal firearms licensed facilities to use complete discretion when deciding who to do firearms transactions with and we are directed to err on the side of caution by refusing service to anyone we feel may use a firearm in the commission of a crime. (In case it has escaped you, Stephanie, I am not in the coffee doughnut business. People in my facility are handling deadly weapons.)

Had you read my original article instead of what noninformed media said about me (before opening your mouth) you would have known this.

Since my decision, gun ranges and gun stores in six states have followed my lead publicly and many more are doing the same thing, they just did not make a public announcement.

Had the gun store owner in Florida been as discerning as me, perhaps 49 people would be alive today. Had the flight instructors been as discerning as me, 3,000 innocent Americans would not have been murdered on 9/11.

I suggest you read my original article.

By the way, Stephanie, Muslims have 35 documented terrorist training camps on American soil. Non-Muslims are not allowed to shoot and train there. Have you taken a public stand to call them bigots and xenophobes?

Oh … and thanks, Dr. Sternberg, for your patriotism and support.

Jan Morgan
The Gun Cave Range
Hot Springs “Patriot Business of the Year”


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    • Stephen Orr Manning on June 18, 2016 at 12:47 pm

    Wait for it … according to Google, there have been no recent shootings by Muslims in Arkansas. The gunner is a huge success. However, several incidents by whites have occurred. According to Southern Poverty Law Center, there are 829 hate groups in the USA, 22 in Arkansas, all apparently white and/or religionist, such neo-Nazi, neo-confederate, KKK and some version of ‘christian.’ The greatest ISIS success in Arkansas is hacking the membership list of the Arkansas Library Association. No word yet on whether the 800 members have been warned by the FBI, but I would certainly be careful about checking out the book “101 Easy Recipes for Passover or Ramadan.”

    Now my suggestion for solving this gun problem is lobby this person to extend her religious ban to christians as well. In her own words, “public safety” would therefore be assured because no terrorists would be trained to use deadly weapons.

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