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Dear editor:

In his last letter (Friday, March 17), “Doc” Crawford thinks that I would have to have “a twisted mind” to believe that God was responsible for electing Donald Trump as our president. Well, he also should say the exact same thing about the Rev. Franklin, who is undoubtedly one of the greatest Christian leaders of our time!

Rev. Graham said, “The media have offered an infinite variety of reasons why Donald Trump won and Hillary Clinton lost, but I believe there is one crucial component that played a huge part in the election process and the eventual outcome. I’ve called it — ‘the God factor.’

“The church of the Lord Jesus Christ — millions and millions of Christians — called out to Almighty God in prayer throughout the year, asking for His providential hand to restore and guide our nation and also engaged in the political process by flocking to rural and urban polling places to vote” (Decision magazine, January 2017).

In the February edition of Decision he said, “I believe that God intervened to bring about the stunning results. I don’t have any doubt that it was the prayers of God’s people that changed the course of this election.”

“The rise and fall of a nation’s leaders happens under the sovereignty of God … ‘He removes kings and raises up kings’ (Daniel 2:20, 21).”

Also, Romans 13:1 says, “there is no authority except that which God has established.” According to those Scriptures, Donald Trump must have been established by God as our presidential authority.

Keep in mind that one of our greatest presidents, Abraham Lincoln, won the election without a majority of the popular vote. Lincoln also won by getting the most electoral votes. Since that is the way our system is designed, that counts as a legitimate victory. It is way overdue for the left-wing side to stop their carping!

God chose Donald Trump, even though he (like all of us) has a certain amount of flaws. We know from many examples in the Bible that God can use any man he chooses to achieve his purposes (which we may not always understand entirely).

The longtime Christian psychologist James Dobson said recently that Trump had become a Christian a short time ago, so he is still early in his growth and is still a “baby Christian.” If Donald Trump trusted in Christ alone for the free gift of salvation, that means that all of his sins have been forgiven.

Surely a liberal-minded man like you, “Doc,” who likes to emphasize God’s forgiveness, could somehow be liberal enough to forgive him for falling short at times. And if he is as bad a man as you seem to believe he is, I wonder why that he has had the strong support for so long of Rev. Franklin Graham, as well as many other outstanding Christian ministers, such as Rev. Robert Jeffress, the senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas?

And no, I certainly do not believe that Jesus was a liberal! A whole letter is needed for that topic.

Keep praying!

Lloyd Hoffman
Hot Springs

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