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Our porous border

Dear editor:

How does anyone in the current political environment believe that our country will survive the partisan bickering and name calling to ensure the so-called “domestic tranquility?” I think these words were lost long ago when we decided to take care of everyone’s needs according to their abilities. We forgot to ask those who pay for perceived needs to forgo that for which they worked their entire lives. How is it that liberals can determine just what I am allowed to keep and exactly what I need to give? Why is it that those who pay for everything have no voice?

Recent observations disgust me:

The liberal idea is to not build the wall, but to add border security including up to 10,000 new border agents. Even as a liberal, maybe you can understand how a conservative thinks, based on the following example. I am going to make this really simple so you can understand. Let me use roofing to represent our border. Roofing is put on a home to prevent water leakage. This is usually done to keep moisture out and to eliminate rot later. You could wait, build the entire home, furnish it, paint it, move in and then add the roof, but the damage done will be impossible to repair without having to rebuild your dream. If I decide to put the roof on my home in the correct order, I eliminate hiring workers to fix damage. The conservative way is to save money, not pay for unnecessary overhead.

Our border, without a barrier, is porous. We can do it the liberal way and repair the damage later or we can fix it from the start, preventing our dream from being destroyed. We can hire thousands of people to watch our border and hope it does not “rain,” or we can install the “roofing” and stop the problem before it destroys our dream. I understand the conservative view. Unfortunately, I also know the liberal view. I am disgusted with those individuals that would throw away our heritage and make us adapt to another culture. We cannot sustain the influx of immigrants into this country without going broke. The strain on our welfare programs and medical care is unsustainable. I am for anyone bettering themselves legally, not deceptively. This move to cross our border and claim asylum is you telling me what type of “roof” is acceptable. No, you are not! This is my home! I am going to have a say before you “rain” on my home and it rots from within!

Edward K. Cherry
Hot Springs

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  1. Well, bless his clever little heart, too. He’s on to me! He’s figured out that my pithy little letter (you can read it near the top of this page) was a response to his earlier rage against whatever it is du jour that Fox News and hate radio and our tangerine POTUS tell him to rage about. That letter is the featured content of this post. He even managed to include a version of that 1950s go-to-hell-I’m-not-listening-any-more, “America, love it or leave it” (popularized by journalist Walter Winchell in defense of Joseph McCarthy’s witch hunts). This was published in the Sentinel Record February 13, 2018 CE.

    Rage on Mr. Cherry, rage on…

    Kudos to Robinson

    Dear editor:

    I just want to thank Mary Robinson for her recent letter “The scariest person.” Mary, trying to explain anything to Progressive Socialist Democrats is of no use. [Monsieur d’Nalgar] made the observation that many of the readers of my piece on immigration should be disgusted with my views. No, [Monsieur d’Nalgar], most of us are disgusted with Progressive Liberal Democrats that would destroy this country using race, income inequality, welfare, socialism, open borders, aborting full-term babies, removal of God, illegal voting, free everything, and made up news to destroy the greatest nation on this planet. Your loyalty is only to yourself and your Progressive buddies. There are countries out there where you would be happier. Even 72 percent of the people surveyed by NBC after the State of The Union Address agreed with the president. Sickening isn’t it? I hope all Democrats’ eyes have been opened to where you are headed. It will not be a good place.

    I thought for years that the Socialist Progressives had cheapened the value of life. No, now we just openly murder and call it a legal choice. Now we look the child in the eyes and ask the parent do you want “it” or not? If this is where we are headed, God help us! The same people that would go to court to “Save Willy” would kill a human. What hypocrisy looks like is currently spelled Democrat. (Deeply Entrenched Members Openly Committed to Removing American Traditions).

    Edward K. Cherry
    Hot Springs

  2. Another day, another letter on the subject of Mary and Cherry. This one, however, was a too-rare voice of reason in this wilderness of wingnuts. It was published Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2019 CE in the Sentinel Record.

    Itsy-bitsy shovel

    Dear editor:

    I am torn between headings for this letter. One could be, “Let’s call a spade a spade and not an itsy- bitsy shovel.” Or, “Sticks and stones may break my bones…”

    It is difficult to respond to Mary in a meaningful way because we are not on the same wavelength to start with. She would rather refer to things of the past and not struggle with matters of the present. Heaven forbid that she should tangle with the future. In doing so, she inundates us with clichés and innuendos and copied opinion pieces from ultraconservative writers.

    Today Mr. Cherry thanks and praises Mary. Here is an added thrill: Watching as I am humiliated by rhetoric designed to inflame and denigrate. Being labeled a “Progressive Socialist Democrat” makes me shake in my boots and takes my appetite.

    He says that “Even 72 percent of the people surveyed by NBC after the State of the Union Address agreed with the president.”

    This is the sort of comment that turns me off quickly. First, did these people agree with everything he said? We are a nation of sheep, it seems. But look more closely at what the NBC poll really surveyed. They polled those who watched the extravaganza — not checking with those who just heard or read the president’s words. Statistics seem to show that most of the people who watch this sort of political fake news are members of the president’s party. So we are looking at a percentage (and the latest is 76 percent) of those who actually watched. Not quite so impressive as first reported by Mr. Cherry, which figure implied “of the general public” or some such. I am surprised and encouraged by the fact that some 24 percent of those who watched disagreed.

    Let me call you to a higher purpose. Think about what this administration is doing about the environment. At the present rate, with his/their tearing down safeguards and ignoring the causes of climate change, while caving to fossil fuel interests, in 50 years your descendants will be fighting to find suitable places to live, clean water to drink and nontoxic air to breathe, while striving to swim against ocean currents. The itsy-bitsy shovel of our complacence wielded daily does as much damage as a deliberate steam shovel over time.

    C.G. Smith
    Hot Springs

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