A worrisome weasel affectation affliction

Socialist bandwagon

Dear editor:

Where is that little Hollywood elitist weasel Sean Penn? A few years ago he was making news palling around with his communist buddies in Cuba and Venezuela and now that millions have fled and millions are starving where is the little socialist communist weasel along with some of his other Hollywood elitist America hating friends like Danny Glover and Harry Belafonte?

This is what these elitist socialist weasels do best — they promote their extreme liberal agendas and all they cause is poverty and misery everywhere they go because that’s what socialism does whether here or some other country. Then, after they get some attention and it goes south, as in the case of Venezuela, they crawl back into the rat hole they came out of. Some of them might not have run down to Venezuela, but they’ll jump on Bernie’s socialist bandwagon or their newest socialist hero with her Bad Deal, AOC and the Hollywood elitist will be pouring money into their campaigns to, what, make us Venezuela?

Speaking of that socialist weasel Bernie Sanders, he owns three homes. He just built a multimillion dollar lake home in Vermont, hopefully, for his retirement and, like all of them including the Hollywood elitists, they fly around in their private jets. Their carbon footprints are 50 times most of ours and they then tell us to drive a Prius while their schemes lead to welfare and poverty. Anyone with half a brain should tell that socialist weasel and his other Democrat socialist friends to go to Vermont and jump in Bernie’s socialist lake.

They bring up this socialist nonsense even though we should know by now it doesn’t work. Here, it leads to pockets of poverty, and there it leads to starvation. They do this because there is always another generation that has to be indoctrinated with the so-called benefits of socialism. Millennials beware; it’s capitalism that brings prosperity, just like what has happened since Trump was elected. More jobs than people to fill them leads to a shortage of workers which leads to higher pay and benefits. Then allow just enough immigration to help fill those shortages. Don’t be fooled by liberal nonsense!

Larry Bauer
Hot Springs Village


Photograph of Bob Dylan during rehearsals for the Ed Sullivan show on May 12, 1963 (CBS Photo Archive / Getty Images).  http://time.com/3847730/bob-dylan-ed-sullivan-john-birch/

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