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Hey Joe

 Would you please…

…just SHUUUT UP for a few minutes and let the other people on your show talk?  Last week was really bad.  You had the two females sitting across from you — one was a famous blogger now moved on to Time Magazine — but we rarely heard anything they had to say because you wouldn’t SHUT UP!!!!

God, I miss Imus more every day.  He was often boorish and infantile, but at least there was some variety … [more]

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 I made kefta tonight!  Sure brought back memories…  We went to the farmer’s market Saturday morning and I bought a pound of ground lamb from a man who has a farm on Petit Jean Mountain.  He told me most American farmers raise a different kind of lamb, but that his was the same kind I would have had in the Middle East.  My mother warned me it would smell awful, but to me, it just smelled like home.  No one … [more]

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Børre demands an explanation

 Europeans, and perhaps most Americans along the two coasts, have been more or less secular for so long that they probably can’t understand the depth or political clout of the religious mythology surrounding Israel.  It has completely trumped rational thought.  It is bad theology and it’s definitely bad foreign policy, but this bizarre love affair Fundamentalist Christians have with Pragmatic Israelis has built an all-but-impenetrable force field around the idea of even questioning our carte-blanche support or their insatiable appetite … [more]

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A frenzy of flummery

 Dear editor,

There is a frenzy of flummery about Islam in this newspaper, on radio and television, and even from pulpits across America.  I suspect most of it comes from people who never actually met a Muslim.  We Americans used to be a people who challenged ignorance and prejudice, but perhaps that noble sentiment died on September 11.  We are different now.  Ignorance and prejudice are perfectly acceptable when directed against a billion Muslims.  Any outrageous thing can be said … [more]

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 Thanks.  Very interesting.  Finally, a few Americans are starting to get a clue how dangerously wacky this premillennial stuff is.  Kinda funny when it’s a bunch of hillbillies playing with snakes.  Not so funny when it dictates foreign policy and kills hundreds of thousands and dispossesses millions more.

Sent: Thursday, August 23, 2007 2:37 PM
Subject: Re: abracadabra

In another form of double speak, he once said that “no power on earth” can shake the alliance between the US and … [more]

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Arkansas stories

  Note that the camera makes me look MUCH fatter than I really am!  Two stories:

At the DC reunion, we ran into Helen Thomas at Mama Ayesha’s.  Good thing, because we had swilled too many Almazas and were hell-bent on brawling with the class of 77, if we could only find out where they were partying.  Fortunately, we were distracted from our intended malice by our encounter with Ms. Thomas.  When I introduced myself and she found out I lived … [more]

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 Some first impressions about — it seems to be a right-wing(ish?) Jewish version of the Drudge Report.  Not surprising — I’ve been reading Haaretz for nearly 10 years and have observed that the entire country, as well as our own, is drifting in that direction.  That, or I’m in a free-fall towards the left fringe of the political spectrum (hard to believe I participated in the local Cheney rally 7 or 8 years ago)…

Here’s a pretty good site … [more]

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