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Glenn Beck is a Nazi

 Glenn Beck is a Nazi.  That he is allowed to spew his hateful venom on CNN shows you how much the news industry has prostituted itself to corporate interests.  Whether or not you wish to equate corporate interests with Jewish cabals and Zionist agendas is up to you.  I will not ask whether you are still beating your wife…

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Check out the link below … [more]

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Open letter to Mike Huckabee

 I saw you on TV a few weeks ago (June 20 on MSNBC) when Joe Scarborough asked you what books you are reading. While it was refreshing to hear that you are reading, unlike the current president, I was very disappointed when you mentioned “Beyond Iraq” by Mike Evans. An excerpt from Publishers Weekly says this about Mr. Evans’ book:


With the Bible’s various prophecies of the downfall of Babylon, one would think Christian eschatologists would have a field … [more]

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A grand idea?


Several years ago, I dreamed up an idea to counter the misinformation routinely propagated about Arabs in general, and Muslims in particular.  Some of you asked about the state of the project last week at the DC reunion, and reiterated how badly it was needed.  Others asked my parents about it the week before at a Waco, Texas reunion for retired ME missionaries.  Because of the interest, I have purchased a virtual “store front” just in case I can … [more]

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For your consideration

 Good letter, but the worst of it is the massive loss of Iraqi life, the mass exodus of Iraq’s best-educated and experienced citizens, the unending lack of basic civil infrastructure throughout Iraq, and (worst of all for us Americans who don’t really care about anyone but lily-white Anglo-Christians) the establishment of a “terrorism incubator” that will hatch horrific acts of violence for the next century or two.

The loss of our “best and brightest” is an abiding shame, but it … [more]

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How bad is it?

 If you’re wondering what Prince George has wrought in the hinterland, far from his royal throne, read the following guest editorial that appeared in our local paper last Saturday.  It was written by a federal government employee, the current superintendent of Hot Springs National Park (

I’m still mulling over a response, but I already know I’m going to ask her when the “Field Guide for Spotting Terrorists in Hot Springs” will be available.  Will it include a … [more]

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Woolsey disgraces himself again

 Dear Friends:

Former CIA Director James Woolsey gave a talk at Princeton University last week.  I decided not to attend, fearing that I might be unable to restrain myself from causing an ugly scene.  But I am extremely pleased and proud to forward to you a letter written to the campus newspaper the next morning by a young Princeton sophmore (a girl, presumabnly 18 or 19 years old) protesting Mr. Woolsey’s speech in very strong and eloquent language.  I have … [more]

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Secular Islam

 Randi Rhodes keeps harping on the idea that there’s a warped misogynistic, sado-masochistic, repressed-homosexuality theme running through a lot of what’s going on today in the Republican party and in our military fiasco in Iraq — phone sex with congressional pages, torture at Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo and black prisons, and of course, the wild popularity of shows like “24.”

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The brief declaration of these secular “Islamists” is reasonable, but … [more]

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