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And no one dared to ask him any more questions.


Faith and Immortality

Christian belief in immortality is a corollary of the total Christian faith. It is not the initial affirmation of the Christian creed, not is it a detachable item that can be held in isolation; it is…  [more]

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May new joy wait on you

  COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS (page 1) Delivered by William Blakemore at the graduation ceremonies of the class of 1974 of the American Community School of Beirut, Lebanon, held in the American University of Beirut Assembly Hall/Chapel, Friday, June 21, 1974 at…  [more]

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If I could apologize

If I could apologize

  To the Honorable Ilhan Abdullahi Omar, United States House of Representatives representing the 5th District of Minnesota, If I could apologize for how Americans have treated you this week, where would I begin?
  • I apologize

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Titanic America

Dear editor, Today is May 1, 2019 CE. May Day. This is my last letter. When I called The Sentinel Record a few weeks ago to stop my subscription, they graciously extended it one more month. Additional time only reinforced…  [more]

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Ruminations from a May Day revisited

By Jacques d’Nalgar, May 1, 2012 (and rediscovered/completed on April 14, 2019 CE)   There have, of late, been an abundance of letters bemoaning our reluctance to wring every last drop of oil from…  [more]

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One more time


A concise defense of Palestinians

  Dear editor, Cherry-picking Torah is a [favorite] hobby of fundamentalist Christians, but Israel is not America’s [magical] lucky charm. Rather, Israel is a festering injustice that only incubates fanaticism and terrorism [around the…  [more]

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Items of interest


Morgan to address Republicans

  Jan Morgan, commentator and local Hot Springs businesswoman, will be the featured speaker at the next monthly meeting of the Republican Party of Garland County on Thursday. The RPGC meeting will begin at 6:30…  [more]

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