The real meaning of “surge”

 I have noted from several recent newspaper and TV accounts covering the “surge” in Iraq that a significant percentage of the “Iraqi Army” soldiers engaged in joint operations with the US Army are actually members of Kurdish units — presumably peshmerga militia forces assigned temporarily to Baghdad and the surrounding area as part of the surge campaign.

I believe we can reasonably assume that these Kurdish units are administratively and operationally separate from Arab units of the regular “Iraqi Army” … [more]

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Full-court press

 Today’s Washington Post features a defense of the war by Michael Chertoff, secretary of homeland security, that begins with “As the rubble of the Twin Towers smoldered in 2001…”  Talk about connecting the dots…  He attacks Brzezinski for being critical of the “war on terror,” then dredges up the Ayatollah’s “revolutionary fanaticism” of the 1970s, and even has the gall to mention “weapons of mass destruction.”

Also online:  the full transcript of Richard Perle’s defense of the neocon vision of … [more]

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Lebanon (1890-1900)

Thanks Fadwa.  What a beautiful country!  Whenever I see pictures like these and read accounts from the same time period, I wish I could have walked the countryside paths and ridden on four-legged beasts instead of whizzing around in noisy cars and airplanes.  Imagine the time they had back then, to think, to see and hear, to talk, to think, to think, to think…

Ghazir – circa 1893 – Lebanon

Harajel – circa 1894 – Lebanon

Hasroun circa 1898 – … [more]

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Tastes like chicken

 The crawl on CNN just revealed that scientists have analyzed genetic material from a 168-million year old dinosaur and now have conclusive evidence that Tyrannosaurus Rex is related to the modern chicken.


Natural selection hardly seems to be a good thing when you go from being an animal that eats everything else, to being an animal that’s eaten by everything else…… [more]

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Blood sport

 The math is pretty basic:  Jerusalem Post = disinformation.

If you read from multiple sources to triangulate a semblance of reality, you can safely eschew the Jerusalem Post, Faux News, Rush Limbaugh, Krauthammer, every other neocon-Jewish (there, I said it) cheerleader for Israel, and increasingly, most of the rest of the American press.

For example, today’s lead Washington Post editorial is by John McCain and is all about how wunnerful post-surge Iraq is.  Why, he was even able to drive … [more]

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15 sailors

 …and whaddaya get?  Another day older and deeper in debt…  Bush and Blair have got to be the most inept diplomats in the world:

The whole thing is rather silly — the general area where the incident occurred has been disputed for a long time and isn’t exactly well-delineated…  In better times, both sides would have swapped cigarettes and posed for pictures and the whole thing would have blown over in a day or two.

But, never underestimate the … [more]

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More on gravity…

 The point I tried to make was this:  I think the death-spiral of humans towards exclusivity is as innate as taking the next breath.  Many religions take advantage of that human characteristic, but not just religions.  Political parties, advertisers, specialists of all kinds (scientific, academic, skill-based, etc.), frat-brats and sorority chicks — more often than not, they tend to stick together with others like them and exclude others that are different.  The rarity is the occasional religion or philosophy or … [more]

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