A grand idea?

 Friends, Several years ago, I dreamed up an idea to counter the misinformation routinely propagated about Arabs in general, and Muslims in particular.  Some of you asked about the state of the project last week at the DC reunion, and…  [more]

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Beyond Iraq?

 Gov. Huckabee,  Thank you for taking time to respond to my concerns re. your position on the war in Iraq.  I saw you this morning on MSNBC and when asked what you are currently reading, you mentioned “Beyond Iraq” by…  [more]

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Small minds, big snowballs

 “Did the U.S. Incite Iran’s Crackdown?” Let me start by making it clear that I have absolutely no specific evidence to support the following assertions.  My views are based purely on intuition, developed I suppose over several decades of experience…  [more]

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Amazing Grace

 Thanks for sending the review, it was very interesting.  To me, it sounds like the biggest beef the writer has is that the movie isn’t the one he wanted it to be.  He reminds me of someone who knows so…  [more]

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For whom do I write?

 …by Lebanese poet, Musa Shu`ayb, about the 1967 defeat.  Written in 1967 and translated/posted by As’ad at http://angryarab.blogspot.com/:   “For whom do I write? Do I wrote about you, o my homeland Do I write my sadness and bitterness and…  [more]

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For your consideration

 Good letter, but the worst of it is the massive loss of Iraqi life, the mass exodus of Iraq’s best-educated and experienced citizens, the unending lack of basic civil infrastructure throughout Iraq, and (worst of all for us Americans who…  [more]

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Shift happens

 An unreasonable euphoria over the recent political shift was, I suppose, inevitable.  I’m sure the entire world breathed a little easier when we voted to hobble our emperor’s unchecked crusader impulses.  However, Nero still fiddles.  I see little abatement of…  [more]

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