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A Dangerous New Threat

  This young Jewish PhD candidate at the University of Chicago has written what I believe is an extremely insightful and timely essay — one that merits the urgent attention and concern of leaders in the fields of politics, religion and…  [more]

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It was a festive occasion

By Jacques d’Nalgar, Fourth of July, 2010   This I write, Octavius Fuluvim, humble servant of our Lord Jesus Christ, on the august occasion of a rare conjunction of our weekly gathering of Roman believers with the empire’s annual festivities…  [more]

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The Unknown Soldier

This sermon was Dr. Fosdick’s Armistice Day (now Veterans Day) sermon in 1933. After recalling his support for the First World War, Fosdick renounces war and pledges that never again will he support or sanction another, a pledge he  [more]

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So long Charley

Dear editor: Molly Ivins is long gone and Charley Reese has thrown in the towel.  All we’re left with now are the sanitized opinions of neocon apologists like Rich Lowrey, who just happens to be editor of the arch-conservative National…  [more]

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Rabbi Fox

Ms. Gassaway, I had hoped the rabbi’s recent rant would be disregarded by your readers as the specious partisan pandering it obviously is to anyone who understands even the smallest bits of Middle Eastern history and contemporary realities “over there.” …  [more]

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Lebanon’s future

 YaLibnanTV (websites www.yalibnan.com/ and www.iloubnan.info/-English) has this disturbing bit: If you would like to know if you are Phoenician and interested in knowing your lineage, then please visit The Genographic Projects’ website to contribute DNA… As an American mongrel…  [more]

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Beyond Iraq?

 Gov. Huckabee,  Thank you for taking time to respond to my concerns re. your position on the war in Iraq.  I saw you this morning on MSNBC and when asked what you are currently reading, you mentioned “Beyond Iraq” by…  [more]

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