Flying spittle

 I can imagine that in Mr. Greenberg’s mind, any modern comparison to the Holocaust is tantamount to its diminution/dilution and therefore an insult to the Jews’ well-documented suffering.  Also well-documented is the rage provoked by exposing the hypocrisy of Jewish nationalists.  Just ask Jesus…

If Greenberg didn’t like your comments, I’m sure he’s thrilled with fellow Jew Norman Finkelstein, who equates the Holocaust with an “industry” designed to rake in billions of dollars in perpetuity.  Arabs are supposed to get over what Israel did to them 60 years ago (and continue to do to them) but woe unto anyone who dares suggest it’s time to move on from the admittedly horrific events of just a few years earlier.

I suppose that what really made the spittle fly was that the comments re. Israel’s Nazi-like and apartheid-like rape and pillage of Palestine and her neighbors came on the heels of a visit to that holy-of-holies for the Holocaust industry, Yad Vashem.  By Germans.  And not just any Germans, but German Catholics with their ancient enmity toward European Jewry.  German Catholics who shut up and went along, at first anyway, with whatever dear old Adolph wanted (and then paid dearly for that complicity by being walled away from the rest of the world for the next half-century).  All of which makes their criticism now even more poignant and newsworthy.

There are new reports from Hebron which I will forward.  They are very depressing.  I’m sure Mr. Greenberg will especially like the graffiti on a Palestinian house, painted by a saintly Jewish settler, that reads “Arabs to the Gas Chambers.”  I spoke with Ray Close this week.  Mr. Close was a CIA officer, now retired, engaged in various efforts during the 50s, 60s, and 70s to destabilize and even overthrow regimes from Beirut to Baghdad.  He is likewise depressed with the morass we find ourselves in.  He said there are only two viable solutions left to the people caught up in this violence without end:  leave now or stockpile arms and ammunition and wait.  In his words, “keep your powder dry and wait for ‘The Night of the Long Knives.'”  Again the Nazi connection…

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