15 sailors

 …and whaddaya get?  Another day older and deeper in debt…  Bush and Blair have got to be the most inept diplomats in the world:


The whole thing is rather silly — the general area where the incident occurred has been disputed for a long time and isn’t exactly well-delineated…  In better times, both sides would have swapped cigarettes and posed for pictures and the whole thing would have blown over in a day or two.

But, never underestimate the ability of these two geniuses to prolong an awkward incident.  Anybody remember those early, halcyon days of the pre-911 reign of Prince George, when our spy plane was forced to land in China?  Remember how well that was handled?

And did you know we’re still holding low-level Iranians we kidnapped back in January when we attempted to grab some senior-level guys from a “diplomatic liaison office” in northern Iraq?  At least, I’m supposing we’re holding them: they’ve disappeared and have presumably been ushered into our five-star enemy combatant system.  Here’s the story:


Sure sounds like we’re trying to start something, doesn’t it?  Wonder if the Good Friday scenario (for an attack) will play out after all?  Finally, be sure to read Eugene Robinson’s “Orwell at Guantanamo” in today’s Washington Post.  It all makes me so very, very proud.

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