Blood sport

 The math is pretty basic:  Jerusalem Post = disinformation.

If you read from multiple sources to triangulate a semblance of reality, you can safely eschew the Jerusalem Post, Faux News, Rush Limbaugh, Krauthammer, every other neocon-Jewish (there, I said it) cheerleader for Israel, and increasingly, most of the rest of the American press.

For example, today’s lead Washington Post editorial is by John McCain and is all about how wunnerful post-surge Iraq is.  Why, he was even able to drive from the airport into Baghdad and shop and talk for an hour with the locals.  No mention that he was protected by a hundred soldiers and mercenaries and several helicopters.

And then there’s the consensus outrage among pundits on both sides now that Nancy Pelosi has usurped the administration’s monopoly on foreign policy by visiting Syria.  No mention that this is a fairly routine congressional junket that includes five Republicans.

On this Easter morning, I’m just thankful that the rumors of a Good Friday attack on Iran didn’t become reality.  Let’s hope there are enough military leaders left who have the good sense and patriotism to constrain this imperial president from any further blood sport.

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