Hey Joe

 Would you please…

…just SHUUUT UP for a few minutes and let the other people on your show talk?  Last week was really bad.  You had the two females sitting across from you — one was a famous blogger now moved on to Time Magazine — but we rarely heard anything they had to say because you wouldn’t SHUT UP!!!!

God, I miss Imus more every day.  He was often boorish and infantile, but at least there was some variety on his show.  And he actually let his guests talk and perform.  Please, please run for Congress again.  At least that way you won’t be bothering me every morning.  I’ve said this before, but if I wanted another right-wing “Ain’t my hillbilly point to view on EVERYTHING IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE cute?” talk show, I’d stay tuned to Faux News.

Please just go away,

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