Iran blitz?

 A three-day blitz to take out the entire Iranian military, and the Shiites in Iraq and Lebanon will silently/meekly watch from the sidelines?  In that sick way that the President’s spin doctors think, bombing Iran back into the Stone Age is probably their last hope to make things look relatively better in Iraq and Afghanistan…

I wonder sometimes why we Americans have such faith that our prince, always so willing to terrorize other countries with impunity, will graciously set aside his title as Emperor of the World in just a little more than a year.  Even if he does fade away into the sunset of his exclusive Texas bike trails, it’s scary how badly he can still screw things up in the time he has left.

Let’s hope that the rumors from a few months back are true, that the top brass in the military won’t go along with any further foolishness.  I’m pretty sure we can count on Congress to lack the testicular fortitude to stop this insanity.  And that vaunted fourth estate, our vanguard of watchful vigilance over governmental mischief?  They’re too busy checking whether Britney Spears is wearing panties and endlessly exhuming Princess Diana to be bothered with the tedium of another illegal war.

Just think, the fate of 65 million Iranians rests in the ability of a handful of generals (who are professional toy-testers of the highest magnitude) to resist the siren call to march into battle.  God help us all,

PS — think maybe this is why the British are bugging out of Basra?

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