As stupid as you would like to think


InkSpot-main_FullDear editor:

“Can you hear me? — Can you hear me yet?!” That’s the strong message that the majority of voters shouted loud and clear to King Obama and to all of his ultraliberal followers of their destructive, failed policies!

Most of them still don’t seem to care about what we really want. These tyrannical left-wing radicals are just angry that they lost and are only making excuses.

Obama and the Dems blamed poor ol’ George W. Bush for practically everything wrong for five and a half years until that became so ridiculous that they had to start blaming the Koch brothers for their failures! Why is it more wrong for the Koch brothers to make political donations, than for ultrarich liberal billionaire donors like George Soros to do this?

Or how about the large number of Hollywood liberal stars, such as Barbra Streisand and Gwyneth Paltrow? Your arguments against the Koch brothers have no merit and only make you look silly! (Koch Industries also provides Americans with about 60,000 jobs.)

Should we really expect Obama and the liberal Democrats to change? Very unlikely.

Obama even said in a TV interview last Sunday that there really wasn’t anything wrong with his policies, but said “he and the Dems just didn’t do a good enough job in communicating their message.” Amazing! Obama has been on TV practically every day with his endless propaganda speeches! Empty talk and empty promises are cheap and we’re very tired of it!

The people are now onto his lying, deceiving and corrupt ways. Donald Trump recently pointed out that a man can try and try to sell his product with a lot of slick sales talk, but if that product is not nearly as good as his competitor’s product, no amount of fast talkin’ will change that fact! The people are not buying that bill of goods anymore! They want and deserve a better product. Our country can’t survive much more of this!

Still think Obama and his liberal gang might change? There is a psychological behavior barometer that is a very reliable forecaster of future behavior. Simply put, this principle says that the surest predictor of how people are going to act in the future is found by looking at the way they have behaved in the past! With that in mind, the best remedy is to simply replace them with better folks! Notice how cocky and arrogant Obama acted after the election? No humility at all.

Many of us are still very angry at the Democrats for turning a deaf ear to all of us conservatives who pleaded with them repeatedly to not pass Obamacare! Did they listen? Indeed not! They crammed the thing right down our throats! (“Gotta pass it to know what’s in it,” said Pelosi!)

I guess the explanation is like the architect of Obamacare, MIT professor Johnathon Gruber recently revealed — “the American people had to be deceived for it to pass because of the stupidity of the voters.” Wow!

We’re not all as stupid as you would like to think. We’re now ready to throw you scalawag liberals out on your ear!

Lloyd Hoffman
Hot Springs

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