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InkSpot-main_FullDear editor:

On the week of celebrating Thanksgiving, this is a “thankful” response to George Lindholm’s letter (Saturday, Nov. 22). Yes! Thank you, George, for your alarming letter, which served as a strong reminder for why Christian conservatives must continue going in the “right” direction!

Early on in your letter, you stated that the “most disturbing tactic” of the Republicans is to merge politics with Christianity in a way you claim is self-deceiving. Then you tell the Christian community that they are incapable of “completely understanding the issues,” so that their interpretation is “contradictory to the teachings and commandments of Jesus.”

I am truly thankful for your letter so that all of us “stupid” right-wing Christian voters can, at last, be properly enlightened! Could we have been misguided by those evil Republicans on those “few key issues,” such as abortion and same-sex marriage?

Yeah, that radical Republican Ronald Reagan got all of us evangelical Christians stirred up years ago! He must have been one of those born-again Christians, too. As a matter of fact, he was, indeed. You can read all about that in the wonderful biography, “God and Ronald Reagan” by Paul Kengor, Ph.D.

Oh, how we need such a great Christian conservative president like Reagan to lead this troubled nation today! He was truly a man who had a proper respect — a reverential fear of the Almighty. Proverbs 29:2 reminds us, “When the righteous rule, the people rejoice.”

And speaking about how you refer to those of us on the “right wing” side with such great disdain — may I ask when, in our nation’s history, did the “left wing” become respectable and noble? I’ve lived long enough to remember that the “left wing” was strongly associated with the communist and socialist movements! They were also commonly made up of atheists and agnostics, instead of Christians. They were not and are not on God’s side and proved it by opposing what God advocates. Many of the most extreme of the “left wing” side are obviously God haters!

The “left wing” also includes the philosophies of modern-day liberalism and that of the progressives (same as liberals). It is most interesting how the liberals commonly interpret what God says in a very liberal way, such as on abortion and same-sex marriage.

And let us not forget how God’s name was loudly booed down repeatedly whenever it was being considered whether or not to keep God’s name on their party’s platform. How dare you continue to criticize the Republicans, who are composed of a large percentage of Christian conservatives!

And yes — count me in as one of those “right-wingers” who wants to put Christ back in Christmas! You say that we are “obsessively involved” with such issues like abortion. It certainly is fortunate for the spiritual future welfare of mankind that Mary didn’t decide to have an abortion!

Lloyd Hoffman
Hot Springs

P.S. You seem to be “obsessively” bothered by Fox news! Too much truth!

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