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Dear editor:

John “Doc” Crawford stated in his May 21 letter that Donald Trump has a “lack of tolerance for Muslims.” He then said that “for all Christian voters, this should demonstrate an inconsistency with Christian principles, ethics and values.” I must beg to differ with him somewhat upon this overly simplistic assertion.

Actually, Mr. Trump is more accurately expressing a lack of tolerance for radical Islamic terrorists, rather than being intolerant of all Muslims. That’s exactly what so many of us voters are also worried about and Mr. Trump is only expressing our great concern about it!

Not every Muslim is a terrorist, or course, but it is a fact that all terrorists are Muslims or else radicalized Islamic loyalists. What all voters (both Christian and non-Christian) should be terribly concerned about is, which Muslims are the bad guys. Just tell us how we will ever really know. These are murderers! We can’t take a chance.

One thing that complicates this matter greatly is the fact that the Koran (or Qur’an) has a little-known provision in it (al-Taqiyya) that allows Muslims to lie and deceive to achieve their evil terroristic purposes against all the infidels (us — their enemy). Another complication is a lack of records on these Muslim migrants and also how are we are going to keep track of where they go once they get in here!

This is not a lack of tolerance for all Muslims, instead it is truly a major national security problem! Mr. Trump is 100 percent correct to be extremely concerned about his matter. Just look at what has been and is happening in so many European nations, such as France, who have tried the liberal policies of open borders that are absolutely ruining their countries! Is that what you want here, too, “Doc?” And please don’t try to dismiss us by calling us xenophobic (fear or hatred of strangers or foreigners). We have real reasons to be fearful! That’s what radical Islamic terrorism does to people. It is designed to make us fearful!

John “Doc,” you are an educated man, so may I humbly recommend a New York Times best-selling book on radical Islam? It is entitled, “They Must Be Stopped” by Brigitte Gabriel (2008). This should be a must-read book for those who are able to read intelligently in our population. I promise you all that it truly is a real eye opener on this topic!

“Doc,” you listed other criticisms about Donald Trump, but he seems to be the best choice we have now. I was a strong Ted Cruz supporter, whom I believe is a true conservative and a genuine Christian. Our liberal, secular and all too dumbed-down culture couldn’t elect this great candidate at this time, unfortunately.

Trump is by no means a perfect candidate, but I could never vote for the extremely liberal Hillary or the old socialist Bernie! I still maintain, along with the Rev. Franklin Graham, that America’s greatest problem is that we have turned away from God. What shall we choose — blessings or curses?

Lloyd Hoffman
Hot Springs

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    • Mike Nunn on June 5, 2016 at 2:21 pm

    Lloyd wrote a very stupid letter but Dear Old Pat Darnell managed to exceed him, and is vying once again to become leader of the Cult of ignorance in this fair land.

  1. In the interest of keeping readers informed, here is Dear Old (as Mike describes her) Pat Darnell’s letter, mostly just regurgitated reflux from the far-right spectrum of that hate sewage known as the Internet tubes. This appeared just after Brother Lloyd’s silliness, under the title “No place to go but up

    Dear editor:

    I got this in my Inbox this week. You may — or may not — enjoy it. I’m sure those of you who enjoy trashing and bashing me won’t like it. But “sticks and stones,” as you know. And by the way, just this morning I discovered that William Lerach, the guy bringing charges against Trump University, spent two years in prison for a complicated fraudulent kickback scheme, paid a $250,000 fine, and 1,000 hours of charitable service time. You can look it up. His company has also paid the Clinton’s $675,000 for speeches.

    Donald Trump’s presidential qualifications:

    Obama is against Trump … Check.
    The media are against Trump … Check.
    The establishment Democrats are against Trump … Check.
    The establishment Republicans are against Trump … Check.
    The pope is against Trump … Check.
    The U.N. is against Trump … Check.
    The E.U. is against Trump … Check.
    China is against Trump … Check.
    Mexico is against Trump … Check.
    Soros is against Trump … Check.
    Black Lives Matter is against Trump … Check.
    Move On is against Trump … Check.
    Koch Brothers are against Trump … Check.
    Planned Parenthood is against Trump … Check.
    Hillary and Sanders are both against Trump … Check.
    Illegal aliens are against Trump … Check.
    Islam is against Trump … Check.
    Hateful, racist, violent liberals are against Trump … Check.

    Now that being said …

    It seems to me, Trump must be the best qualified candidate we could ever have.

    When you have so many political insiders and left-wing nut cases all scared to death, all speaking out against him at the same time …


    He’s not a lifetime politician … Check.
    He’s not a lawyer … Check.
    He’s not doing it for the money … Check.

    He’s a natural born American citizen born in the USA from American parents.

    Bonus points!

    Whoopi says she will leave the country …
    Rosie says she will leave the country …
    Sharpton says he will leave the country …
    Gov. Brown says California will build a wall …
    Cher says she will leave the country …
    Cyrus says she will leave the country …
    The Constitution and the Bill of Rights will prevail …
    Hillary will go to jail …
    The budget will be balanced in eight years …
    Americans will have first choice at jobs …
    You will not be able to marry your pet …
    You will be able to keep your guns if you qualify … (not a criminal).
    Only live human American registered citizens can vote …
    You can have and keep your own doctor …
    You can say what you want without being called a racist …

    Come to think of it, we have no place to go, but up.

    I’m at 501-282-3102.

    Pat Darnell
    Hot Springs

    Note that variations of this sophomoric silliness can be found everywhere online. Mostly, it’s on social media sites run by conservatives peacock-proud of themselves and their own cuteness, which they conflate with cleverness. Let’s hope and pray they are only fooling themselves.

    You can also find it on some scarier sites, such as “The Sons of Liberty” — some character draped in the American flag who claims he “delivers a hard-hitting message of truth, exposing unconstitutional policy through constitutional law.” Supposedly, he is educating and equipping America with the knowledge of what our nation was truly founded upon. He then goes on to quote our first war criminal president Andrew Jackson: “The Bible is the Rock upon which our republic rests.”


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