The Passion of Bernie Sanders

The passion of Bernie Sanders

Holy week at the church of state

By Jacques d’Nalgar, June 10 2016 CE


Looking back on the events of this week — the media’s concerted effort to demoralize Tuesday’s primary voters and their barely-constrained glee at Bernie’s subsequent defeats, followed by yesterday’s frenzy of high-profile Hillary endorsements, coupled with images of Bernie being sent first to the principal’s office (Obama), then the vice-principal’s office (Biden), and finally the assistant to the vice-principal’s office (Reid) — it’s not hard to imagine that someday historians and political scientists will come to question the judgement of this week’s carefully staged “shock and awe” smack-down of Bernie. Or maybe, at the very least, they will wonder aloud at the wisdom of this week’s macabre political theater, of giant Goliath’s premature, dervish death dance at the passing of Little David…

The fact that an obscure, progressive Jew could come from out of nowhere and damn near win by preaching revolution against the status quo, without fat-cat financing or shameless pandering to Israel, and within a system completely rigged against him, must have scared the heebie-jeebies out of a Democratic Party establishment hellbent on anointing Hillary without complications or competition.

For his audacity, the Sanhedrin and the Roman Empire practically scourged and crucified Bernie Sanders this week. In essence, they told him and his millions of supporters to sit down and shut up. It’s all over, nothing to see here, move along, move along. This may have been a good week for Hillary, but in the long term, their carefully orchestrated, over-the-top humiliating dismissal of Bernie and the movement he represents may come back to haunt them. Messiahs have a way of resurrecting…

The revolution continues. Occupy Wall Street rattled the establishment’s cages five years ago and was rewarded with police brutality and point-blank pepper spray. This time we almost did it. And next time, well, next time we just might do it, unless Americans willfully drink the poisoned sop of fascism mingled with fanatical, fundamentalist religion.

So here we are at the end of a long, disappointing week. Trying to stoke fear of the babbling bigot on the other side isn’t going to salve our discouragement or dilute our resolve to radically change a system that best serves an elite few. Most of us will not vote for Hillary. Many of us will not vote at all. And you can lay the blame for that squarely at the feet of the Democratic Party’s pathetic attempt to cling to power no matter the cost. They may argue that we should be satisfied with the breadcrumbs of incremental progress, but the time for patching’s past


Photograph (modified) of Bernie Sanders by Getty.

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