InkSpot-main_FullDear editor:

OK, we have the mainstream media against Trump from the beginning. Constant negatives and none for Hillary. Progressives obviously control the media. Hopefully our voters are educating themselves with alternative means of news besides the mainstream media, as it is totally bias toward Dems.

There are so many newsworthy stories that are not mentioned on these news streams and hopefully the voters are looking at all the news, not just what is reported from these not so trusty sources. Our media has gone so far left and if you don’t look for facts, you are being fooled. You are only hearing what they want you to hear to get Hillary elected. This is the most important election in our lifetime and if you aren’t watching the ball, you are being badly fooled.

Hillary is probably the most corrupt candidate we have ever seen emerge in our lifetime and she is getting a pass due to the liberal news. Don’t be fooled!

She will bring this country to its knees with her open borders policy (which is only to bring more voters on the government handouts), higher taxes to pay for free stuff (Bernie’s promises) (free college, etc. Really?). Who do you think is going to pay for all of this? The taxpayers of course. Wake up voters, besides her constant lying to the now corrupt FBI that has made the investigation political (wow never thought that would happen), her ties to foreign donations while she was secretary of state with the Clinton Foundation, it is to me a no-brainer. I would rather elect someone who has said some things in the past that are not very palatable than someone who has actually done things that were illegal or unethical and dishonest in their past.

Remember there are probably five Supreme Court justices to be replaced in the next four years and Hillary has already hinted she wants to abolish the Second Amendment. That should be enough reason to vote against this progressive, no borders, tax-raising, increase government candidate. Remember, she is a Saul Alinsky supporter. I urge you to Google this guy, what a piece of work! Also rent or buy “Hillary’s America,” this will tell you the whole story behind the Democratic Party. You will be shocked!

Sign me loving this country and don’t want it to further go into turmoil and end.

John Jensen
Hot Springs

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