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Lebanese-ness and Phoenician genetic markers

 There is an important section in Friedman’s “From Beirut to Jerusalem” that talks about the Phoenician-descent myth that Lebanese Christians invented for themselves, and how the Israelis bought into it hook-line-and-sinker as they were preparing for their first Lebanese invasion and occupation (circa 1980). 

I continue to be dismayed by how much residual resentment still seethes just below the surface between Lebanese Christians and Muslims, even among those who left decades ago.  I am equally dismayed every time I encounter … [more]

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Lebanon falls

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Dear [deleted] and friends,

Normally I wouldn’t respond to something like this, but when you wrote that this was “the clearest picture of the situation in Lebanon and the Middle East” that you have seen, I felt it deserved a closer look.  Because it is endorsed by a respected emeritus missionary (you!) who spent much of his life in Lebanon, it inherits a gravitas and credibility that, in this … [more]

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Dreaming of what once was

 Dear Janna,

 Perhaps the answer is to out-market the vision of what is possible vs. the vision of those things feared or coveted.  Somehow, we’ve got to convince people that the alternative to fear and avoidance of insecurity is better than the status quo.  When I opined earlier about my Levantine dream, I forgot to mention discos and bars and even Buddhist and Ba’hai temples alongside the churches, mosques, and synagogues.  Simple, n’est pas?  I think Obama has managed to … [more]

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 Either Prime Minister Siniora studied at the George Bush – John McSame School of Diplomacy or he is suffering profound memory loss.  According to Haaretz, he has today branded Hezbollah as worse than Israel, saying “even the Israeli enemy never dared to do to Beirut what Hezbollah has done.”

 According to Wikipedia, it is estimated that around 17,825 Arabs were killed during Israel’s 1982 march to Beirut. There are different estimates of the proportion of civilians killed. Beirut newspaper … [more]

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Man of war

 Here’s a great article about Robert Fisk by Rachel Cooke:

 …an interesting paragraph for those of us who lived “over there” and still love Lebanon dearly:

One of the striking things about Fisk is that he has never gone native – or, as he puts it, ‘become one of those mad loonies who go round wearing kafias and empathising’ – a fact he attributes to the fact that the Arab world ‘drives me up the wall’, and to his … [more]

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Clinton, Obama, and Cluster Bombs

For those of you who will be voting tomorrow on “Super Tuesday” and days following, this post has some relevance to the wee little “droppings” Israel left all over south Lebanon during the last days of its war with Hezbollah (or, as I still call it, “The Rape of Lebanon”)…


Clinton, Obama, and Cluster Bombs

 Posted by David Rees February 4, 2008 at 10:51 AM (EST)

 If you’re a friend of mine, or a fan of “Get Your … [more]

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Ticking Clocks and “Accidental” War

 In addition to furthering our conversation/speculation about a coming war with Iran, this article by Alistair Crooke is interesting in that it mentions yet another idea about the recent IDF “attack” on Syria (one you won’t likely hear from American or Israeli news sources).

If you’ll read the comments afterwards, you’ll notice one by “Enlightened” which reads, “On a side note my brother in laws wife just returned fro lebanon after a six month holiday and reports are everyone … [more]

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