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I have never, to my knowledge, committed an athletic act

 A good motto to live by, at least it was for me at ACS.  We had physical fitness tests twice a year which included a 400- or 800-meter run at the AUB track.  The guys would start about 1 or 2 minutes ahead of the girls.  I was part of that elite group of slackers whose only motivation was to not let any of the girls beat us.  Beats me how I’ve got a kid who swims in college…

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Lebanon’s future

 YaLibnanTV (websites and has this disturbing bit:

If you would like to know if you are Phoenician and interested in knowing your lineage, then please visit The Genographic Projects’ website to contribute DNA…

As an American mongrel with mixtures of English, German, Irish, Cherokee, Pawnee, and God-only-knows what else, when I read/hear about tracing a Phoenician bloodline in Lebanon, it immediately makes me suspicious that there is a nationalist agenda lurking behind it.  It smacks of the … [more]

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 I made kefta tonight!  Sure brought back memories…  We went to the farmer’s market Saturday morning and I bought a pound of ground lamb from a man who has a farm on Petit Jean Mountain.  He told me most American farmers raise a different kind of lamb, but that his was the same kind I would have had in the Middle East.  My mother warned me it would smell awful, but to me, it just smelled like home.  No one … [more]

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 Thanks.  Very interesting.  Finally, a few Americans are starting to get a clue how dangerously wacky this premillennial stuff is.  Kinda funny when it’s a bunch of hillbillies playing with snakes.  Not so funny when it dictates foreign policy and kills hundreds of thousands and dispossesses millions more.

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In another form of double speak, he once said that “no power on earth” can shake the alliance between the US and … [more]

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In the misery that is now Lebanon it is the lowest who take the blame and the Palestinian refugees are the lowest in the pecking order.

– Børre

“They see us all as criminals” Caoimhe Butterly writing from Baddawi Refugee Camp, Live from Lebanon, 22 June 2007

Standing at the entrance to Nahr al-Bared Camp a week ago in the still, oppressive heat waiting with Fatme for her sister and her nieces to … [more]

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Matthew 24

 Mr. Turner was interesting, but he disappointed me with his “spin” on Matthew 24.  Seems like the gist of his message was that, when he’s really challenged by alternate/competing philosophies or moments of doubt, he rests his faith in the prophecies of the Bible.  Funny how Jesus could be clearly explaining things that would come to pass in his audience’s generation, but then suddenly shift into really abstract metaphors concerning distant-future Christendom and a special time of tribulation way, way … [more]

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Barbarians at the gate?

 According to today’s Washington Post, Baghdad’s Shiites are increasingly using explosively formed projectiles, averaging the size of a coffee can.

 “The growing use of the projectiles is a major concern for American commanders because the weapons are powerful enough to punch through the heaviest U.S. armored vehicles, including the Abrams tank.”

I’ve always wondered what would happen to our overwhelming military superiority when the “best” technologies get trumped by far less expensive ones.  Wonder what that coffee-can sized bomb costs … [more]

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