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I (heart) Jennifer



This is an early joyeux Noël present for my daughter, who fought the good fight for Bernie Sanders and was twice bitterly disappointed.  First when Bernie lost, and then when dandy Donald Doodle Trump actually won and, in all likelihood, will in a few short weeks emerge from the swamp he promised to drain, along with his obscenely rich, warmongering swamp-mates, to become our next president of these still-for-now United States of America.  Read this and take heart, … [more]

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Little brother



Little brother, thanks for your latest erudite (as always) letter to the editor.  Good to know that Gawdamighty speaks to you in varied ways.  For years now we’ve been trying to figure out not only how Gawdamighty talks to you, but just what in the hell He’s been telling you!  Because it sure doesn’t jive with those parts of your Good Book that talk about all that cheek-turning stuff that got that preacher-feller Jesus killed in Palestine, way … [more]

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Some random reflections

Some random reflections…



Last Tuesday evening, on November 15 2016 (one week after the dismal day that saw Donald J. Trump elected to be America’s next president), a group of concerned Garland County progressives met to discuss where we go from here.  These are some still-evolving thoughts on what to do next, and on why we can’t just keeping doing things the same way we always have…

– Monsieur d’Nalgar, Dimanche 20 novembre 2016


First, it was … [more]

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Thank you!


Well, this showed up in today’s paper, essentially intact (only the “Sincerely” at the very end was redacted).  Interesting that someone went to such lengths to add a few commas here and there, and change the capitalization of this or that word, while at the same time other letter-writers were allowed to perpetuate patently false red-meat rumors about President Obama and a certain female candidate likely to become our next president.  Rumors that have been consistently debunked ever … [more]

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I’m not sure where the Saul Alinsky poison kool-aid counter is, but it seems like there are lots of folks bellying up to the bar these days.  This dire warning was in today’s paper under the title “Don’t be fooled” — I wasn’t…

— Jacques d’Nalgar, October 13, 2016



Dear editor:

OK, we have the mainstream media against Trump from the beginning. Constant negatives and none for Hillary. Progressives obviously control the media. Hopefully our voters … [more]

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Cheez Whiz and lye


Here’s a little something I wrote (borrowed, actually, with permission) that appeared in the Hot Springs Sentinel Record on Monday, October 3, 2016 and in last week’s Arkansas Times.

— Monsieur d’Nalgar, Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Dear editor:

Mister Sniffles’ ardent fans often attempt a diversionary tactic to deflect each and every criticism of their much-prayed-for sweet potato.  It’s an old debating trick to ignore the critics and instead demand an immediate and compelling explanation of why … [more]

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The full measure of its guilt


Just a little over 15 years ago, one day after September 11, 2001, Ward Churchill, a professor of ethnic studies at the University of Colorado Boulder, wrote the following essay.  He was roundly condemned for his troubles by media pundits, who called for his resignation and deemed him unfit to teach. The university’s Board of Regents publicly apologized for Churchill’s writings about the 9-11 attacks, investigated him for academic misconduct, and then fired him.  Churchill filed a lawsuit against … [more]

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