Over the years, I’ve run into lots of people who passed through the artillery school at Ft. Sill.  One of the most memorable was Jim Byrnes, at a small blues bar in Vancouver, BC.  By the way, I made…  [more]

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All about me

Several of you have have acquiesced to Thom Moore’s recent request for more details re. their academic credentials.  I balked, because my first impression was that Thom’s initial angst (self-horror at the possibility of his own sense of elitism) reflected…  [more]

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Random thought

To my pastor:  Here’s one more observation that I meant to include the other day, but it slipped away before I could write it down.  This is an example of eschatology in action.  Not mine, but I thought of you…  [more]

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To my pastor

It’s been a while since I’ve written you directly.  I’ve included you on a few other things that I thought you might be interested in, but I’ve fallen behind in rattling your cage.  Or mine.  It’s all a matter of…  [more]

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Olive harvest

My childhood friend Yusif Makhoul harvested his crop in Mieh-ou-Mieh, just east of Saida a couple of weeks ago. He said they had a bumper crop, but that they were small. They spent a week harvesting compared to the two…  [more]

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Space: the final affront

I’ve been thinking about your theory lately, that the never-ending war in Iraq exists because GW needs/wants to avenge his father’s honor after Uncle Saddam tried to kill him (can’t imagine why, can you?)…  It’s an interesting idea, but I…  [more]

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What if?

It’s Sunday, October 8, and I’ve been reading letters and opinions in today’s paper.  One side is right.  Everyone else is wrong.  I’ve also been thinking all day about the tragedy last week at the Amish schoolhouse in Pennsylvania… If…  [more]

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